Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence upgrades to LED floodlights with SmartGEDi controls for enhanced rugby and football experience

Floodlighting and Electrical Services recently installed high-efficiency LED floodlights at the Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence in South Wales, providing enhanced visibility and energy efficiency to the facility.

Originally installing the brand-new floodlighting system in 2014 at Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence, the Floodlighting and Electrical team was contacted by Caerphilly County Borough Council to upgrade the floodlights onto the existing 18m columns. The project involved replacing the existing metal halide floodlights with Philips LED floodlights, which were installed by a team of four experts from Floodlighting and Electrical.

Each pitch was designed to achieve the specified lighting level of 500 lux to meet the required standards for the WRU and FAW clubs that use the pitches.

SmartGEDi, a revolutionary lighting control solution, was also installed to reduce energy bills and consumption whilst also providing different switching options which were not previously available to the client. The SmartGEDi system was integrated into the LED floodlights, and Bluetooth switching was added in the facility’s reception area. The Floodlighting team programmed various SmartGEDi scenes on an iPad allowing for a range of lighting choices to suit their requirements and ensure maximum cost savings are achieved.

Each pitch was set up with options for reduced lux levels for training, giving the centre 3 lux level options of 100-lux, 200-lux, and 500-lux as well as half-pitch lighting options when the full pitch is not required.

Once installed, Martin Drewitt (Electrical Engineer at Floodlighting and Electrical) followed up to perform night-time lighting tests to confirm the lux levels and to commission SmartGEDi into the floodlighting system, ensuring the centre’s team was fully trained on how to use the new controls.

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director at Floodlighting and Electrical, comments “Our customers are our focus and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are thrilled to have been able to assist with this project and the team did a fantastic job. The new LED floodlights along with SmartGEDi have significantly improved the quality of lighting whilst helping the centre save up to 85% on their floodlighting energy bills.”

Alun Ford, Facilities Manager at Caerphilly County Borough Council also comments “Upgrading to LED floodlights was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only do they provide brighter lighting to meet the 500 lux levels we require, but SmartGEDi enables us to save money on our energy bills and helps us meet our sustainability goals. The system is very easy to use, and the Floodlighting team were fantastic to work with. I highly recommend making the switch!”

The installation was executed with minimal disruption to the daily operations of the centre, and the outcome is a safer, brighter, and more cost-effective facility. The new LED floodlights have significantly improved the quality of lighting on the playing field, making it safer and more suitable for evening training and matches. The energy-efficient LED technology and SmartGEDi Light Saver are also reducing the facility’s energy usage and ultimately leading to cost savings. The upgraded floodlight system has not only enhanced visibility on the rugby and football pitches but has also significantly increased energy efficiency. Overall, the project has been a success and has provided a valuable upgrade to the Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence.

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