Housing, Social and Education

SmartGEDi is designed to work in a variety of Housing, Social and Education settings from housing developments, social housing, and healthcare, to schools, colleges and universities, plus more.

By using sensor detection, lux level controls and the ability to compliment natural light, the new SmartGEDi solution for lighting, The Light Saver, reduces your energy consumption and bills, ensuring maximum savings are achieved. It excels at ensuring you only use the energy that you need for your space when you need it.

With highly intelligent lighting controls at your fingertips, the SmartGEDi Light Saver allows you to create the desired ambience for your environment with ease. Thanks to its smart connectivity and the ability to use daylight harvesting, SmartGEDi uses the minimum energy required to deliver optimum lighting levels.

It is the ultimate weapon against energy waste and carbon emissions, resulting in maximum savings on your energy bills. The features and benefits for your business are:

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  • Reducing costs by optimising energy usage
  • Creates desired ambience (e.g., restful, luxurious, peaceful, aspirational)
  • Improves customer and employee experience
  • Distributes light evenly to complement design values
  • Enhances security and safety
  • Boosts productivity with optimum lighting levels
  • Promotes well-being, recovery, and healing
  • Highlights key features and complements the decor
  • Enhances natural features
  • Operates in sympathy with the natural world
  • Adjustable to select an appropriate light and colour temperature
  • Remote access via the App on your phone or tablet
  • Produces results for your sustainability strategy
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

We will guide and advise you on what solution is best for you, tailoring it to your needs to optimise your energy usage.

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