Every project is unique, and every sector has different requirements. We will guide and advise you on what solution is best for you, tailoring it to your needs to optimise your energy usage.

Ideal for Retrofit and New Projects

SmartGEDi is perfect for retrofit and new installations. The SmartGEDi Light Saver is easy to install with no rewiring required and is compatible with existing LED lighting systems.

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Mixed Technologies

Unlike other lighting control solutions, the SmartGEDi Light Saver is compatible with various dimming control technologies. Compatible with Dali, 0(1)-10v, Trailing Edge, or a combination of these technologies, SmartGEDi ensures a flexible and budget-friendly installation for you.

Multiple Appliances and Technologies

SmartGEDi can be integrated with on/off switching and 3-phase switching, making it compatible with high-power applications. This versatility allows SmartGEDi to connect with multiple technologies like printers, TVs, shredders, and more, granting you the ability to turn your appliances on and off with SmartGEDi.

Additional efficiencies can be achieved where installation is accompanied by LED bulb replacement.

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