About SmartGEDi

At SmartGEDi (General Electronic Digital Interface), we provide the ultimate weapon to combat energy waste and reduce carbon emissions, resulting in significant savings for your business.

Our unique and highly intelligent energy control solution reduces your energy consumption and bills, ensuring your energy costs are kept to a minimum and maximum savings are achieved.

What is the SmartGEDi Light Saver?

The SmartGEDi Light Saver is a state-of-the-art, intelligent wireless lighting control solution designed to give you full control over your lighting usage. The SmartGEDi Light Saver uses advanced features including occupancy detection, customised timing schedules, daylight detection and optimisation, lux level controls and more. It ensures you only use the energy that you need for your space precisely when it is needed.

How does the SmartGEDi Light Saver work?

The SmartGEDi Light Saver works with a sensor to measure objects in its field of view as well as daylight lux levels. The SmartGEDi sensor can connect to each light fitting by the GEDi nodes placed upon each lighting element. Every GEDi node has its own Identification Code, meaning that each light fitting can be isolated and controlled individually or as a zone if desired.

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Our highly qualified and experienced Technical Team will survey your premises to provide the optimum design for your business space. SmartGEDi is easy to install and is compatible with all current lighting systems, its flexibility allowing for both retrofit and new installation.

Its smart connectivity delivers precision control via an online app enabling you to programme appropriate and targeted plans for your energy consumption.

While SmartGEDi is primarily used at present in controlling lighting systems, it has a wider application of being used to increase the efficiency of a variety of energy systems.

If you have a query about how SmartGEDi can be implemented into your business or organisation, contact us.

The SmartGEDi solution is designed to work in all business environments across the UK including general commercial, Housing, Social and Education, and Sports and Leisure.

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