Key Features

With spiralling energy costs against a backdrop of a climate in crisis, there has never been a more crucial time to review and address how we use our resources.

  • Daylight Detection and Optimisation
    Our SmartGEDi sensors intuitively detect natural daylight and seamlessly adjust your lighting system’s lux levels. This smart feature fully optimises your lighting and helps reduce your energy consumption.

  • Occupancy Sensors and Timings
    Leaving lights on in empty rooms is both frustrating and wasteful in terms of energy. SmartGEDi addresses this issue with its intelligent occupancy detection sensors. These sensors can identify when a room is in use, automatically turning the lights on, and then shutting them off if no activity is detected within a set timeframe. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually switching lights off before leaving thanks to SmartGEDi’s timing sensors. Your lights can effortlessly activate and deactivate at designated times throughout the day, enhancing both convenience and efficiency.

  • Weatherproof
    Not just for indoor lighting! SmartGEDi is also weatherproof, providing you with energy optimisation and versatile installation for your indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • Customised Lighting Scenes
    Tailor your lighting to suit your preferences! Buildings often have diverse schedules and lighting requirements, with specific areas needing varying levels of illumination. Through your customised lighting scenes, you have the flexibility to optimise lighting levels for each room or zone, ensuring efficient energy use while meeting distinct lighting needs.

  • Robust and Reliable GEDi Mesh
    SmartGEDi harnesses the power of Bluetooth 5 mesh technology, enabling smooth, robust and reliable communication between its sensors and nodes. This guarantees the establishment of a strong and effective lighting control network. Your GEDi mesh constitutes a standalone network dedicated to your SmartGEDi lighting system, making it particularly suitable for large amounts of nodes and devices without limitations. As the GEDi mesh operates on Bluetooth, it ensures it doesn’t disrupt the existing WiFi infrastructure within a building.

  • Precision Control
    The SmartGEDi app provides you with complete control over your energy consumption. Within the app, you gain the capability to not only track your energy usage but also to modify your lighting scenes whenever you need to.

  • Reporting on your investment
    Our cutting-edge reporting system, designed for ease of use, allows you to monitor and optimise your energy savings effortlessly. Through our app, gain comprehensive and detailed insights into your energy consumption and cost savings, right down to identifying high energy usage in specific rooms or areas. It’s the ideal tool for tracking your business’s return on investment (ROI) and allows you to continually improve your energy savings by adapting your lighting scenes.

  • Hassle-free Installation
    SmartGEDi can easily be incorporated into any new or existing LED lighting system with no rewiring needed.

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